Tree Of Savior Announces ‘Exclusive’ Founder’s Server; Not All Players Are Pleased 

tree of saviortree of savior

The English version of IMCgames’ free-to-play MMO Tree of Savior is nearing release — kind of. In an announcement that is raising some players’ eyebrows, the developers revealed today that for the first three months after launch only founders will have access to the game.

When a player gains access to the game will depend on how much they have spent — or not — on the Founder’s Packs. Prices for the packs range from $20 to $60, with the higher priced packs getting access to the game earlier. Founder access will kick off March 22nd for those who paid the $60 amount. Those who do not buy a pack will have to wait until June 19 for access.


According to the developers, the reason they’ve elected to have such a lengthy Founder’s exclusive period is to prevent bot accounts from being able to access the game and disrupt the environment early on.

As expected, the announcement has players calling foul, with many suggesting a boycott of the game. Some point out that this move will simply fragment the player base while others wonder what the developers have in mind to keep the Founder’s server from collapsing once more servers have been opened.