Persona 5 Japanese game play trailer leaks

While certain Persona games are concentrating on the skill of dance, let us remember that you have a totally new Persona coming, too. Persona 5 is placed hitting soon an additional Japanese trailer continues to be leaked.

Although the trailer is entirely in Japanese, Persona fans might be able to surmise the game’s plot. It certainly is due to future, the long run, along with a plot that sees the primary character arrested soon after masquerading inside a costume. Additionally, there are another take a look at a few of the game’s battles.

Folks in Japan can get among the first glimpses in the Persona 5 story, like a special Blu-ray movie is placed to produce using the first-print copies of Persona 4: Dancing Through The Night, which releases there later this month. United States users will need to wait longer, as Persona 5 hits Ps 4 and Ps 3 later this season.