New An Order: 1886 Leaked PS4 Video Shows Start Menu, Quantity Of Chapters Is 16 Only Not 24 Chapters

An Order: 1886 is simply 7 days from its official release, but couple of lucky PS4 proprietors have previously received its legit retail copy early and for that reason from it lot of details (spoiler clearly) continues to be leaked on the internet. Today, a completely new off-screen footage continues to be published online showcasing the beginning Menu and the number of chapters An Order: 1886 have.


Couple of days ago, a rumor made an appearance on the internet (via NeoGaf user) the Order: 1886 may have 24 chapters, but based on details within this new video, the sport may have only 16 chapters. You can view the recording below. We’ve also manage to get a gif, just in situation if video is going to be taken lower by The new sony and prepared At Beginning citing Copyright claim.

Is the amount of chapters within the Order: 1886 is simply too less, thinking about the truth that the sport has a full game cost tag (i.e. $60) which is rumored that game play length could be around 10-12 hrs only?