Otherland Halloween Event Brings New Quests And Costumes?

otherland-halloween-event olwag1

DRAGO Entertainment’s sci-fi Mmog is celebrating Halloween with the help of new quests, costumes, and also the obligatory pumpkins. The big event will start Halloween day and continue for per week with Lambda Mall dealing with an appropriately spooky look, filled with cobwebs and jack-o’-lanterns. Players is going to be sent on the pumpkin search and finally undertake an exciting new boss fight inside a equally new area.

Players is going to be rewarded for his or her pumpkin-collecting efforts with pets unique towards the game – a laughing skull or perhaps a little pumpkin.

Another treat for players is going to be three teams of new costumes for players to select from. Each costume will contain 7 pieces.

Otherland is really a free-to-play game presently at the begining of Access on Steam. Individuals attempting to take part in the game before launch can get it included in Steam’s Halloween purchase.