New Cod from Infinity Ward coming holiday 2016

Inside a move that absolutely, positively surprises nobody, Activision has announced a brand new Cod game is going to be coming prior to holiday 2016 and it is presently in development by Infinity Ward.

Activision describes the brand new Cod game as “innovative,” even though the writer doesn’t get into detail in regards to what makes that one very different in the previous iterations.

Infinity Ward’s Cod would be the studio’s first new game since Cod: Ghosts.

Cod: Black Ops 3 released earlier this November and it was produced by Treyarch, while Cod: Advanced Warfare released in November 2014 and it was produced by Sledgehammer Games. The Cod series is presently on the three-year, three studio development cycle, so let’s just see what Infinity Ward can perform with this particular year’s title.