High-finish developer makes X port

VVI, a higher-finish corporate-software developer, has released Vving for Mac OS X 10.1.

The applying, which is dependant on OpenGraph, continues to be developed like a diagnostic tool to watch network performance. It transmits an indication each second to some remote computer and waits to get it in an echo fashion. After that it graphs the process, detailing both time taken and just what area of the echo came back. After that it results in a report/graph of what is happening, without any flattening or averaging from the data.

John Brilhart, chief technical officer of VVI, stated: “Vving is really a well-designed and precise application that measures and graphs network performance instantly. Additionally, it demonstrates our prime scalability in our OpenGraph programming framework. It may display countless points in realtime, and show data varying from seconds to years. Even though the application shows only a couple of of OpenGraph’s features, It is a great application to show OpenGraph.”

Brilhart calls VVI’s OpenGraph programming framework “already probably the most advanced programming frameworks I know of”.

The organization has improved this framework, “incorporating many new design concepts that are due to over ten experience and product in object-oriented technology”.

To show the strength of its framework, the organization is disbursing Vving totally free on the internet.