Team17 Returns to 3rd-Party Publishing  Light

Some game publishers are slimey… a minimum of Team17 includes a good excuse.

Nearly 23 years back, Team17 was publishing games like Alien Breed, Project-X, Superfrog, Assassin, ATR, Super Stardust, Apidya, Silverball, and much more.

They shifted focus from publishing games so that as a developer made the highly effective (and highly awesome) Worms number of games. Then they ongoing to create a regular flow of Worms titles for the following 18 years… showing that it’s indeed easy to milk a earthworm. Why go back to publishing now? Based on their pr release:

Ultimately, the timing is appropriate Team17 is in an exceedingly fortunate position with an abundance of personal expertise to talk about. Team17 comes with an incredible community encountering millions that people can mix-promote within and lift awareness for brand new IPs and particularly indie games, that are not far from our hearts then one we defend. Team17 hosts an incredible digital publishing team who’ve capped every digital chart from PC, console and mobile during the last few years. Most significantly, Team17 make games too and know first-hands the thing it takes to create a game and go to promote properly across all platforms.

The very first title being printed is definitely an indie game known as Light, produced by a studio known as Only a Pixel. Team17 is funding the introduction of the sport which is already on Steam Greenlight here. The sport appears like a far more minimalist form of Monaco in my opinion… but you can judge on your own as they have place a free demo online here.

If you are creating a game and therefore are looking for a writer, Team17 encourages you to definitely refer to them as at [email protected]