Apple to repair iOS 7 crash bug

Apple states it’ll fix an insect within the iOS 7 operating-system which has caused some iPhones to crash.

Quite a few users have were not impressed with the issue since iOS 7’s introduction last September, saying their iPhones shut lower unexpectedly. Some social networking comments have compared the flaw towards the infamous Home windows “blue screen of death of dying.”

Now assistance is apparently in route.

“There exists a fix within an approaching software update for any bug that may from time to time result in a desltop crash,” Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller stated Wednesday.

iOS 7, the present operating-system for iPads and ipod device Touch units in addition to iPhones, has gotten a couple of updates and could bond with a far more major upgrade to some 7.1 version.

This past year, Apple patched a flaw that allow users work through the lockscreen and access and employ some data, including posting images to online services. Another patch fixed an issue that typically caused FaceTime video chat sessions to fail.