ArcheAge Boasting two million Players?

Just in situation tremendous queues occasions didn’t tip you off that many people are attempting out ArcheAge, the newest game update from Trion Worlds should seal the offer for you personally. Over two million register users. Yep! That’s the objective ArcheAge formally surpassed a couple of days ago. That’s a seriously impressive stat. Yes, I hear ya, “But Magicman, obviously many people have an interest at launch and wish to take a look. That does not mean it’s successful!Inches I totally agree. While two million is a big number to begin with (and definitely several worth celebrating if you are a Trion Worlds worker) the lengthy term will probably be much more interesting for me. Can ArcheAge have a high player base AND one that’s prepared to spend the cash needed to help keep the sport continuing to move forward? Can be.

Having a cash shop system that some just aren’t too keen on, future changes can be really interesting indeed.

The most recent update also brings the present server count to 21, boots six figures price of “bad actors” (bots) in the game (yes, the dpi was subtracted before announcing the two million users total), and announces the approaching Auroria content ought to be released in a number of days.

Browse the full update and make certain to maintain your eyes about this week’s patch notes to find out if your preferred bug got squashed!