Original Pokemon games re-releasing on virtual console

The initial Pokemon games are returning!

The Nintendo Direct event gave lots of new information featuring info on a lot of games slated for that finish of the season and a large amount of 2016. In the middle of explaining many of the new titles visiting the Nintendo 3DS and also the eShop, Bill Trinen required a minute to announce the original Pokémon games: Red, Blue, and Yellow, could be finally coming around the 3DS Virtual Console.

He guaranteed the games are likely to stay as in keeping with the originals as you possibly can, and therefore linking and buying and selling Pokémon will need to make a look and feel of some kind! Fortunately, the games will help you to fight and trade without resorting to a hyperlink cable.

And when all that does not make you feel nostalgic enough yet, the games are now being re-released on Feb 27th, 2016. Will the date seem familiar? It’s really the initial launch day’s Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue within the U . s . States in 1996!