Kingdom Hearts III Release Date Already Made the decision, Announcement Coming At November Fan Event?

Using the short E3 2015 showcase at Square Enix press conference, the hype train is beginning its engine for Kingdom Hearts III fans. The possible lack of any clue in regards to a release date, anyway, has disappointed most of them: is 2016 possible, or even the new RPG will probably be out after Final Fantasy XV?

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Ps Dengeki requested more information to Tetsuya Nomura, the director from the series, to understand if a minimum of internally Square Enix has any concept of when KH3 will release. This is exactly what he’d to state around the matter:

“We have arrived at a contract, however i still can’t say anything. I intend to give new information in the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event that’ll be held around the 3rd of November.”

Therefore we could possibly find out about Kingdom Hearts III’s release date in November, finally. Chances are we will have more in-game footage and story glimpses at this date, too.

Tell us within the comments section below what exactly are your expectations for that new role playing game by Square Enix.