Google crushes competitors searching share of the market

Google held its commanding lead because the preferred US internet search engine in May, processing almost 60 percent of queries filed, way in front of its two nearest competitors Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google nabbed 59.3 percent of searches, adopted by Yahoo in an exceedingly distant second place with 22 percent and Microsoft’s MSN with 12.1 percent, market investigator Hitwise stated on Thursday.

Google’s ongoing stranglehold about this marketplace is significant thinking about that recently both Yahoo and Microsoft have invested heavily on developing and improving their internet search engine technology and associated search ad systems.

Microsoft and Yahoo officials strain to use a contented face every time they are faced with Google’s dominance. Both companies love stating that internet search engine technologies are still in the infancy which consequently an chance exists to unseat Google as leader.

Still, when every month trackers of internet search engine usage come forth with their latest studies and Google remains firmly perched at the very top, these predictions inevitably seem like unrealistic and compelled optimism.

In contrast to March 2006, the May figures from Hitwise show Google gaining 1 percentage reason for share, Yahoo remaining almost flat and Microsoft losing 1 percentage point.

Looking segment may be the largest from the fast-growing US online ad market, comprising 41 per ing of revenue, or about $5.1 billion. Internet marketing spending increased 30 percent in 2005 to all of usDollar12.5 billion.