Town of Heroes Rebirth: Fan-Made Succesor Town of Titans Kickstarted?

After Paragon Studios shuttered its doorways to Town of Heroes (Perhaps, among the best super hero themed Mmog), many thought that might be the final we’d see from the game. But wipe that sad look off the face and put on bitchin’ cape, because we’re witnessing the spiritual successor, Town of Titans, being born.

With more than 100 developers, many of them being volunteers and fans of COH, Missing Worlds Media’s Town of Titans just effectively launched their Kickstarter. Right now, they’ve elevated $332,555 (From their objective of $320,00), with 27 days remaining to visit. I’d say its pretty reliable advice the public takes a liking to COT.

Within their Kickstarter video, they reveal time-type of their development their struggles as well as their successes. Showcasing their recent adoption from the Unity engine and just how most lately they developed character creation the field of COT includes a familiar look with many different potential.

For more info about Town of Titans’ vision in order to support their Kickstarter, mind on to their project page.