Inside a surprising leak, it had been revealed late a week ago that there can be a brand new feature visiting Pokemon GO. The Raid feature is anticipated to reach hanging around, but players continue to be naive of methods Niantic could execute the anticipated feature. The developer comes with a couple of inspirations it may consider about how it may execute the Pokemon GO Raids feature.

Once the launch trailer for Pokemon GO was revealed, it’d a scene that featured players fighting MewTwo over time Square. This may be the anticipated Pokemon GO Raid feature. Since Raids happen to be an element in other games, players expect that it is a simple players versus boss set-up, but Niantic could turn things around with a brand new undertake it.

Pokemon Shuffle

Among the expected aspects of the approaching Pokemon GO Raids feature may be the rewards system. With this, Niantic could look in direction of Pokemon Shuffle and just how the sport rewards players during occasions which include Legendary Pokemon being offered for some time.

In Pokemon Shuffle, players per region are rated based on their performance hanging around. After that, they’ll be rewarded according to their ranking and also the greater the rank, the greater the prize. Just the top players obtain a hands in the Legendary Pokemon as the lower rated players get products.

This is a great system to follow along with for that Raids system in Pokemon GO as it might be more fair and exciting. Besides the challenge against fighting Raid bosses, players can also get to compete against one another. With regards to how players is going to be rated, Niantic could count the harm players do from the Raid boss, if there’s one.


Among the early types of Raids was based in the popular Runescape. Hanging around, Raids occur inside a specific area on the planet. Players of 10 undertake someone else in charge and they’ll be rewarded with amazing products following the fight. It’s an easy setup and maybe it’s a convenient route for players if Niantic copies this for Pokemon GO Raids.

Most are speculating that players nearby a Raid can see it. If this sounds like indeed the situation, then area might get overcrowded. What Niantic could do is defined a restriction on the number of players can participate in on the Raid in a single place to avoid getting too many participants. This could also prevent any server issues as no insane quantity of players can get inside a certain area.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Among the exciting additional features introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon are Global Missions. Within this group-based feature, players from around the world interact to complete a particular goal that expires after some the years have passed. The missions include recording Pokemon along with other fundamental tasks. It gave players more reason to go into the sport.

Niantic could copy the setup of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Global Missions by unlocking Legendary Pokemon with insane levels of HP. All players goes from the Pokemon and they’ve to conquer it before it’s time expires. Individuals who deal probably the most damage ought to be rewarded having a greater chance to obtain the Legendary Pokemon.

With this particular feature, Niantic can at any rate make sure that every player has an opportunity to obtain the Legendary Pokemon. Furthermore, it might be neat to determine all players of Pokemon GO going against one common enemy.