Probably the most anticipated features visiting Stardew Valley is really a new multi-player content teased through the developer a couple of several weeks ago. We’ve yet to obtain a full appearance of the game’s multi-player content, but fans happen to be making their guesses regarding how Chucklefish Games could execute the feature. The developer may also copy a couple of things using their company games for that Stardew Valley multi-player feature.

Players continue to be wondering how Chucklefish Games could execute the Stardew Valley multi-player feature. All we’ve for now’s a teaser image for that feature which was released several weeks ago. In addition to that, all of the developer has told us would be that the feature can come first towards the PC, adopted through the Nintendo Switch, and also the last platforms to get it would be the PS4 and Xbox One. Pointless to state, the options are big with regards to what features it might have.

Animal Crossing

If Chucklefish Games really wants to have a simpler route when developing the Stardew Valley multi-player feature, it will need the formula from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Multi-player within the 3DS’ exclusive existence-sim couldn’t become more simpler.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s multi-player content, players can share their FCs or Friend Codes to other people. When they do, then that player can click on their village every time they want whether or not the village owner is offline. When the village owner is online, then your players can explore the village and trade products with one another.

This seems like a doable undertake the Stardew Valley multi-player feature as it might be neat to merely share their towns with other players and the other way around. However, players could easily get disappointed with your an easy feature for that game’s multi-player content.


Another game that Chucklefish Games need to look to for inspiration is Overwatch. The 2 games are totally different with regards to game play, but when Stardew Valley’s developer is searching for any great multi-player game for inspiration, they should take a look at Overwatch.

Among the multi-player features that Chucklefish Games should copy from Overwatch would be the game’s Periodic Occasions. This selection would fit perfectly in Stardew Valley because the game has seasons of their own. However, it might be challenging for the developer to produce occasions for every season in-game so Chucklefish Games could check out real-time seasons only.


Graphics-wise, Terraria and Stardew Valley share almost exactly the same art style. Even though the game play differs, players most likely obtain a similar sense of both titles with regards to combat. In Terraria’s multi-player feature, players can begin on servers readily in which they are able to explore the planet freely with several others.

This is a great feature to possess in Stardew Valley and players ought to be permitted to understand more about dungeons and also the world itself with several others in only the mouse click. It might be better if Chucklefish Games would introduce another multi-player world too to ensure that players reach experience something totally new.

Original Things

Obviously, Chucklefish Games may also consider using a couple of something totally new which are their original creations with regards to allowing the Stardew Valley multi-player content. The game’s listing of features are great foundations to have an excellent multi-player component already.

To begin with, the developer should allow players to marry one another hanging around. In Stardew Valley, players can marry NPCs after doing the best things. We have seen pointless why the multi-player content shouldn’t have a similar feature.

With regards to competitive multi-player, players ought to be permitted to contend with one another hanging around. Maybe it’s a contest of who are able to result in the more effective farm first or it may be simple things like an aggressive form of Stardew Valley’s small-games.