Niantic continues to be pretty busy with Pokemon GO recently and it appears as though the developer is way from completed with the sport. A current interview has says a significant surprise has been prepared with this summer time, so players possess a to expect to within the several weeks in the future. It isn’t yet another celebration as Niantic confirmed a Pokemon GO major event in summer time.

Lately, Niantic’s Kiyoshi Kawashima, Yoshiji Kawashima and Kenju Suga was caught within an interview in which they revealed a number of interesting details regarding the way forward for Pokemon GO. The job interview was launched in Japan only and all sorts of that we have from this would be a couple of roughly converted details. Regardless of this, we are able to surmise that among the three Pokemon GO major updates is anticipated to reach between June to August.

With different rough translation from the entire interview, it appears such as the infamous MewTwo fight scene in the launch trailer from the game may be the Pokemon GO major event. Getting a significant celebration within the next couple of several weeks shouldn’t be an unexpected thinking about Pokemon GO is popping 12 months old in This summer, so Niantic might be readying something to celebrate the momentous event.

In the seem of products, players might finally have the ability to face off and capture Legendary Pokemon for example Mew, MewTwo, the Legendary Bird Trio and individuals who should be introduced combined with the remainder of gen 2. The Niantic representative’s didn’t delve much deeper regarding how Niantic will execute the feature observed in the launch trailer, however the earlier leak regarding Raids could help as an idea.

Based on the leak, Niantic is searching introducing a Raid feature that could be like the ones we have seen in MMORPGs. Categories of players can have fun playing the Raids against a typical foe after the current interview, the middle of Raids could really function as the Legendary Pokemon.

It’s very entirely possible that Niantic will introduce among the three major updates in This summer to celebrate the game’s twelve months anniversary since launch. Otherwise, then it may be released any place in the summer time rather. Since the developer has already been readying possible additional features, a couple of dataminers could begin uncovering clues about this within the several weeks in the future.