Lately, voice actor Elias Toufexis published a picture of him posing inside a motion capture suit. Potentially, Toufexis may be carrying out work with for Marvel’s Avengers Project, a game title being produced by Square Enix’s Very Dynamics together with Eidos Montreal. Formerly, Toufexis is renowned for his use Eidos in supplying the voice for that Deus Ex primary character, Adam Jensen.

Suit Up

On Toufexis’ Instagram publish, he is visible kneeling and holding some kind of metal tool. Potentially, this could just be Toufexis revealing his work or attempting to tease fans for his current project. His pose looks a great deal like Wolverine due to the fact he supports the metal tool just like a claw.

Toufexis and Eidos

To date, Elias Toufexis’ known role within the gaming industry as Adam Jensen within the Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mankind Divided records. He offers the primary character’s gruff voice as Adam speaks based on the player’s choice. Presently, Square Enix is tasked to help make the Avengers Project game despite Mankind Divided ending on the cliffhanger ending. Potentially, Squar Enix might be preparing The Avengers Project with Toufexis voicing among the figures or Toufexis earning a living for the following Deus Ex game.

Good Fit for Wolverine

Basing from Toufexis’ role as Jensen, he appears to become a good fit for any Wolverine role within the approaching Avengers Project game. Although Wolverine hasn’t been seen when controling primary Avengers team within the recent Marvel movies, he’s done this within the comics along with other Marvel spin-off games featuring The Avengers. Eidos Montreal may wish to have Toufexis within the Marvel-Square Enix project since he’s already created a lasting impression within the Deus Ex series together with his voice act as Jensen. The developers might want to have his recognizable voice within their games.

Within the Deus Ex series, Jensen is recognizable for his low, slightly growling voice that’s ideal for dark, mysterious type figures. Toufexis’ voice works perfectly as Wolverine since most of his voice work possess a feral tone. Potentially, Toufexis’ role as Wolverine might help him outgrow being typecasted as Jensen.

Around 7:00 of 3killabytes’ video, Toufexis themself confirms he has battled getting voice work jobs after being casted as Jensen, though. “I’ve really unemployment because Adam Jensen grew to become very popular,Inches Toufexis stated.

Marvel and Square Enix’s Avengers Project

Only couple of information are been aware of the approaching Avengers Project from Marvel, Square Enix, and Eidos Montreal. By their reveal last The month of january, we simply realize that Marvel and Square Enix are joining up to create farmville with Eidos Montreal. However, its overall game play and playable roster continues to be unknown presently.

Toufexis’ potential Wolverine tease may confirm this mutant among the playable figures in Eidos Montreal’s game. Fans continue to be waiting for the following major update relating to this game to understand The Avengers Project much more.

Other Marvel Games

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier also reported that Eidos Montreal is focusing on another Marvel game apart from The Avengers project. Toufexis may be focusing on that rather from the Avengers Project whether it won’t get him to onboard. However, Marvel can also be dealing with Capcom to help make the approaching Marvel versus Capcom Infinite fighting game. Motion capture work with Wolverine’s moves within the Marvel versus Capcom series is not likely, but Toufexis will go do Wolverine’s voice for your game rather.

For the time being, all fans can perform is watch for more Marvel, Square Enix, and Eidos Montreal’s bulletins relating to this project. As seen on its official trailer description, Marvel assures that you will see details about the sport on 2018. Stay updated with increased gaming news and updates here around the BitBag.