The Exorcist 8 The Final Jedi is going to be being released in December, but we will have the film’s heroes earlier. The teaser trailer for The Exorcist Battlefront 2 continues to be leaked also it was says figures in the Last Jedi are pre-order bonuses. Strangely enough, these were known as “Heroes,” similar to the other lead figures in the last Battlefront game.

These new heroes will be difficult to guess, though players can easily see the teaser trailer here. It’s obvious that EA knows who they really are, but an eventual trailer for that movie will help fans guess, whenever which comes out. Still, it’s a thrilling time to become a The Exorcist fan and also the game could finish up as being a success, especially in comparison to the first.

Last Jedi, Same Heroes?

Until additional information concerning the game are revealed, the only real logical guesses for The Exorcist 8 The Final Jedi heroes would be the previous leads with new looks. Rey has already been hanging around sporting her Pressure Awakens attire, but she will have a new outfit within the last Jedi. Same applies to figures like former Stormtrooper Fin and awesome pilot Poe Dameron, each of whom is going to be coming back within the follow up.

Talking about The Final Jedi, an seniors Luke Skywalker could be among the game’s pre-order heroes. As they may be Rey’s mentor within the film, we’ll likely appear him for action, to ensure that should warrant a look and feel hanging around. Youthful Luke from Episodes four to six is most likely hanging around already, since he would be a prominent hero within the first Battlefront game from EA.

A Brand New Hope

Besides the new figures that’ll be appearing in The Exorcist 8 The Final Jedi, EA has guaranteed a much better single-player campaign. It had been one of the leading complaints in the first game, so it’s best to check this out addressed in The Exorcist Battlefront 2. The very first game was considered a large disappointment, so EA has lots of try to do in order to gain fan trust back.

Multiple eras of The Exorcist are also confirmed, so that needs to be an enjoyable method to shoot people hanging around. Contrary, this will please any fan from the popular franchise, given the quantity of figures and areas each era has.

Both The Exorcist Battlefront 2 and The Exorcist 8 The Final Jedi are slated for release this season. Expect pre-orders to become from the roof, presuming these new figures are awesome obviously. The state start looking at The Exorcist Battlefront 2 is going to be on April 15.