Overwatch game director Shaun Kaplan confirmed legendary skins for Sombra, Zarya, and Hanzo around the official forums. However, the precise release dates of these approaching skins haven’t been announced. Potentially, these new skins might be released in celebration of some other Overwatch event or new Overwatch maps.

Kaplan’s Confirmations

Lately, Kaplan has confirmed on various Overwatch forum threads the approaching legendary Hanzo, Zarya, and Sombra skins. Kaplan confirmed three skins for Hanzo, two skins for Zarya, and something skin for Sombra. Only Sombra’s skin release window was confirmed to become arriving a “few several weeks.” Another two skins didn’t have exact release dates or approaching occasions weren’t pointed out throughout the confirmations of those skins.

Legendary Skin Releases of these Figures

Hanzo and Sombra haven’t yet get a new legendary skin from updates. To date, Hanzo’s Demon skin in the Halloween event and Sombra’s Peppermint skin are simply epic (Crimson) rarity skins. Sombra obtaining a legendary skin later is understandable as she’s a more recent hero. However, Hanzo is incorporated within the initial release and it is infamous within the group of followers itself. Hanzo’s character and fan status should be observed eventually through legendary skin releases soon. Meanwhile, Zarya has received two new legendary skins within the Overwatch Summer time Games last August 2016.

Potential Overwatch Occasions

At the best, the Overwatch team had new legendary skins tied into all of its occasions or new major releases. Potentially, Overwatch has already been arranging a next event right after the Overwatch Uprising event. Overwatch approximately hitting its first anniversary next May and Blizzard might have something ready to celebrate that. The brand new Overwatch Sombra, Zarya, and Hanzo skins may be bundled all-in-one release if this sounds like the situation.

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment has additionally tied in new legendary skin releases plus a map’s release. The Eichenwalde map gave Reinhardt two new legendary skins upon its release. However, while, Oasis map didn’t give new skins, Overwatch does not have a local character in the stated area yet. Potentially, the following maps might be occur Russia, Japan, Mexico, or perhaps The country when the new legendary skins are associated with map releases.

To date, Overwatch already has Volskaya Industries in Russia, Hanamura in Japan, and Dorado in Mexico. However, the sport already has two maps, Hollywood and Route 66, occur the U . s . States meaning setting duplicates isn’t impossible within this game. For the time being, we’ll have to watch for these new skins release dates.