With Nintendo Switch’s success and Microsoft Project Scorpio in the pipeline, all eyes are now on how Sony would keep up with the competition. While the company just upgraded its console in the form of PS4 Pro September last year, many are expecting that a true successor is still hitting the shelves soon. After all, it’s already been over three years since the original PS4 launch.

Speculations are rife that Sony is saving the product’s reveal for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2017) in June, but analysts say otherwise. Damian Thong, who correctly predicted PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, claims it should come sometime in the second half of 2018 instead.

When the forecast is accurate, you should be nearly annually from its release. However, that’s still most likely too early for any new console. We are able to recall PS3 lasted seven years before its successor showed up. The Ps 4 would simply be 5 years old, and also the PS4 Pro would have only had 2 yrs under the sun at that time. Launching the PS5 that soon would seriously render the PS4 Pro pointless for almost all consumers.

Let’s also remember the Ps 4 continues to be offered very well. Based on The new sony, it shipped 53.4 million units of Ps 4 consoles worldwide since its 2013 release. That’s comparably low than PS2’s 150 million units, so the organization will likely delay the discharge from the next-generation Ps to market as numerous PS4 consoles as they possibly can.

Ps 5 Not Launching Until 2020

On the other hand, Thong’s latest statement isn’t a confirmation but just a guess and patrons shouldn’t take such claims too seriously. But when we won’t get our on the job the PS5 the coming year, odds are it will not begin to see the light of day until 2020.


In addition to the 2018 claim, there is a separate report within the rumor mill saying the console will have host to another installment from the Grand Thievery Auto (GTA) franchise, GTA 6. A couple of publications happen to be pointing to some 2020 release, seven years following the last installment debuted. However, game maker Rockstar Games has yet to discuss the problem, therefore we don’t fully realize without a doubt.

To date, The new sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet concerning the Ps 5. The final time we’ve been told by the organization, it was not confident that there’ll be a PS5. Shuhei Yoshida, obama of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for The new sony Interactive Entertainment Corporation., stated the launch from the console is much more of the question of “if” instead of “when,” suggesting the rumored next-generation Ps may not be also in development yet.

PS5 Release – What to anticipate

Whatever the release date, players know what they need from PS5 should The new sony give it a try. 4K gaming isn’t any doubt a typical, and The new sony hopefully attempts allow it the type of horsepower which will ensure titles run in a smooth smooth 60fps.

Operated by AMD chips, gamers particularly would like it to feature 10  teraflop of graphics processing unit (GPU). This will make it considerably more effective compared to Xbox Project Scorpio that will boast 6 teraflops of GPU. Thinking about the success enjoyed by its predecessor in delivering VR encounters, the PS5 can also be tipped include support for any market virtual reality (VR) headset and total backward compatibility.

Clearly, there’s no solid symbol of just how much PS4’s successor will definitely cost at this time. However, The new sony will probably remain wise enough to help keep its prices much like those of its previous machines. If this sounds like the situation, the launch cost ought to be around £400-£500. Consoles offered above this ballpark have in the past battled to market. However with inflation, we’ll eventually see something beyond £500 at some stage in the long run.